lazy tongs 意味

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  • 伸縮やっとこ、伸縮自在ばさみ、伸縮腕、無精ばさみ、無精やっとこ
  • tongs:    tongs n. pl. ものをつかむ道具, はさみ.【形容詞 名詞+】coal tongs石炭ばさみDo you use curling tongs?ヘアアイロンを使いますかmetal tongs金属製のはさみ.【前置詞+】a pair of sugar tongs角砂糖ばさみ(1 丁)pick up sth with tongsはさみでものを拾いあげる.【雑】go at one's wor
  • lazy:    lazy adj. 怠惰な.【副詞】congenitally lazy生来怠惰なan incurably lazy person矯正(きょうせい)不可能なほど怠惰な人intolerably lazy手のつけられないほど怠惰なHe is mentally lazy.頭の働きがのろいHe is terribly lazy.ひどく怠惰だ.【+前置詞】Nobody is lazy about what
  • to be lazy:    to be lazyだらける体を惜しむからだをおしむ


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