lean beef 意味

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  • 赤身の牛肉
  • lean ground beef:    牛赤身挽肉{ぎゅう あかみ ひきにく}
  • a lean-to:    a lean-to差し掛け小屋さしかけごや
  • lean:    1lean n. 傾き, 傾斜.【動詞+】correct the lean of a telephone pole電柱の傾きを直すmeasure the lean of a wall壁の傾き加減を測る.【+動詞】Each time it rains the lean of the retaining wall increases.雨が降るたびごとに擁壁(ようへき)の傾斜が大きくなる.【形容詞


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