lean forward 意味

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  • 身を乗り出す、前かがみになる、前傾{ぜんけい}になる


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  1. just lean forward into the knives with your face .
    目の前の刃を 顔で押すんだ
  2. lean forward a bit and stick your face out .
    かがんで顔を突き出して くれませんか?
  3. go on , all the way across . just lean forward and run .
    前に重心をおいて 向こうまで行くだけだ
  4. don't worry about it . just lean forward and jiggle your feet .
    前に体重かけて 脚を動かすんだ
  5. he didn't lead with his chest , which requires you lean forward .


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