legions of 意味

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  • ~の大群{たいぐん}、多数{たすう}の~
  • legions of ants:    アリの大群{たいぐん}
  • legions of insects:    多数{たすう}の虫Legions of insects attack corn, cotton and other crops. 多数の虫がトウモロコシや綿、そのほかの作物を襲う。
  • have legions of fans:    多数{たすう}のファンがいる


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  1. the zombie wars ... mankind pitted against legions of the undead .
    ゾンビ戦争だ 人類は死の淵まで対抗した
  1. there are legions of young men
  1. there's legions of kids out there
  1. genzo fought against legions of assassins but finally ran out of steam , and he and his master ujitoyo were killed .
  1. when he returned the capital , he was sentenced to imprisonment for the loss of legions of soldiers but pardoned .


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