legislate 意味

発音記号: [ 'ledʒisˌleit ]発音を聞く   legislateの例文
  • legislate for:    législate for O (1) ?|自| .(2) …をしんしゃくする.
  • legislate against:    ~を規制する立法措置を取る
  • legislate morals:    道徳{どうとく}を立法{りっぽう}により規制{きせい}する


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  1. that's why they legislate to protect their language .
    ですから彼らは自分たちの言語を 法の下で守っています
  2. they also legislate on correct usage
  3. to legislate over life and death , we need people who understand right from wrong .
    生と死を超えた法制です 私たちは善悪を理解した人が必要です
  4. accordingly , each prefecture or municipality may legislate its own ordinances for the protection of cultural properties and may designate its own tangible or intangible cultural properties .
  5. however , under the circumstances where the constitution approved of parliament ' s power to decide a national budget and also to legislate , practically , it was difficult to ignore the opinions of the majority party while running the government .


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