lick of paint 意味

  • ペンキ塗装{とそう}
  • give the wall a lick of paint:    壁をひと塗りする
  • put on a lick of paint:    ペンキを少し塗る
  • lick:    1lick n. なめること; 少し塗ること; 《口語》 殴りつけること; 《口語》 仕事; 《口語》 速力; 《口語》 (ジャズの)即興演奏の一節, リック.【動詞+】He never does a lick of work.《口語》 ほんのちょっとの仕事もしないIn his criticism of his policies the writer got in a few personal


  1. could use a lick of paint , but it's nice enough .
  2. it's nothing that a lick of paint and a nuclear warhead can't fix .
    飾り気の無い壁 ガスも使えない
  3. once i've unpacked , given this place a lick of paint , you know , it will ...
    片付けて ペンキを塗れば・・・ ダメよ パパ
  4. once we've unpacked , and given this place a lick of paint , it'll be our home , yeah ?
    片付けて ペンキを塗ろう 我が家らしくなる


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