lie cranial to 意味

  • ~の頭方{とうほう}にある[位置{いち}する]
  • cranial:    {形} : 頭蓋{とうがい}の--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【発音】kre'iniэl、【分節】cra?ni?al
  • cranial...:    cranial...頭部[医生]
  • lie:    1lie n. うそ, 虚偽.【動詞+】act a lie(行為で人を)あざむくA lie begets a lie.うそはうそを生むtry to brazen out a lieばれたうそをずうずうしく押し通そうとするcompound a lieうそにうそを重ねるcondemn a lieうそを非難するIn order to cover up his lie, he had to lie y


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