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  1. Do days of happiness lie in wait for the two ?
    2人の前途に 待ち受けているものは?
  2. A smoke screen ... they're lying in wait for us .
    水影様~ お待ちを~!
  3. Just what lies in wait for goku
    行く手には 一体 何が待ち受けているのか!?〉
  4. We're going to split up into two teams and lie in wait for them .
    で 俺たちは先回りをし 二手にわかれて待つ。
  5. The death general splashmon of the fourth country , cyber land , lay in wait for us with his traps .
    〈デスジェネラル スプラッシュモンの罠が待つ
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