light touch 意味

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  • light toúch
  • have a light touch:    手際が良い、手先が器用である、手腕がある、筆が軽妙だ


  1. i can use a light touch and give him the respect he deserves . good .
    出方を伺えますし 敬意も払えます
  2. because he had a light touch .
  3. okay . you got a light touch .
  4. he feels light touch
    1 gほどの小さな
  5. all scrolls are the hakubyoga (white monochrome drawing ) without kotobagaki , and in its volumes one and two , animals such as frogs , rabbits , monkeys , and foxes are personified and described; these are the unique emakimono that squibbed the social situations of mappo with a light touch .


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