like things 意味

  • 同様{どうよう}のもの
  • and things like that:    ~のようなもの[こと]、~といったもの[こと]、~など◆【類】and so on ; etc.
  • things like ...:    things like ...なんか
  • things like that:    そのようなこと、そういったことDon't say things like that. そんなこと言うのはやめてよ。


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  1. looks like things are getting messy around here .
    やっぱり大変なことが 起こっちゃったね~
  2. i like things that are weird . i like weird things .
    変なもの 奇妙なものが好きです
  3. shit . doesn't look like things went too well over there .
  4. seems like things aren't working out well for you either .
  5. it looks like things with you and sara are going well .


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