looking glass 意味

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  • 空中司令部機
  • face a looking glass:    姿見{すがたみ}に向かう
  • looking glass war:    {映画} : 《The ~》鏡の国の戦争◆米1968《監督》フランク?ピアソン《出演》クリストファー?ジョーンズ--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{著作} : 《The ~》鏡の国の戦争◆英1965《著》ジョン?ル?カレ(John Le Carre)
  • through the looking glass:    {著作} : 鏡の国のアリス◆英1871《著》ルイス?キャロル(Lewis Carroll)


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  1. perhaps looking on either side of a looking glass .
  2. we've been looking through the looking glass the wrong way .
  3. and look in the looking glass that is new york city
  4. it's like a looking glass into a hidden world .
  5. much as lewis carroll did in through the looking glass .


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