looking miserable 意味

  • しょんぼりと
  • miserable:    miserable adj. みじめな, 悲惨な; ひどく悲しい, つらい; 卑劣な.【副詞】“I'm going to have to stay at home and study on Christmas day."―“How miserable for you!"《英》 ?クリスマスには家にいて勉強しなくちゃならないんだ??何とまあお気の毒?She felt somewhat miser
  • -looking:    -looking気味ぎみ
  • looking:    looking glass n. 鏡, 姿見.【動詞+】face a looking glass姿見に向かう.【前置詞+】look at oneself in a looking glass鏡に映った自分の姿を見る.


  1. looking miserable suits you , yamada san
    山田さんは不幸そうなの 結構 似合ってますよ


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