lots of 意味

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  • たくさんの、数々の、~だらけ
    There are lots of cats in his house. 彼の家はネコだらけだ。
  • by lots:    by [in] lóts 別々に分けて.
  • lots:    lots多目におおめに
  • lots and lots of:    非常{ひじょう}にたくさんの~、~がいっぱいいっぱいあって


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  1. in terms of the ability to get a message to lots of people .
  1. you guys really like eating lots of this stuff ?
    こんなもん いっぱい食ってうれしいんか?
  1. that's so cool ! i want lots of kids too !
    いいなー。 わたしも子供は たくさん欲しいんですよね。
  1. and you spent an awful lots of it just worrying .
  1. lots of extra space . there's a good energy to it .
    ここは良いエネルギーで 満ちている


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