major blow 意味

  • 大打撃、主な打撃
    Losing her child was a major blow to her. 子どもを失ったことは彼女にとって大打撃だった。


  1. it is also mentioned that japan will suffer a major blow and be endangered and tokyo will be burned down and scorched all around . (written in 1944 in chapter 11 of the same volume )
  2. the antagonism between the two families broke out into the open in 1506 after yoshikage nagao died in battle in ecchu and was succeeded by tamekage nagao; the hachijo uesugi family suffered a major blow in echigo ' s eisho war , during which ryumatsu hachijo , the governor of owari , and his son , as well as narisada uesugi , were driven to take their own lives .
  3. in the later period of the kyogoku school ' s history , shoshi saionji (also known by her buddhist name , eifukumonin ), emperor hanazono , and emperor kogon were its principal active poets , and kogon (by order of emperor hanazono ) was selected to compile the 17th imperial waka anthology , " fuga wakashu " (collected elegant waka ), but during the kanno disturbance , the most important members of the jimyoin lineage imperial court such as emperor kogon were put under confinement by southern court forces , and as a result the jimyoin lineage imperial court suffered a major blow to its power and prestige , and while emperor kogon was still under house arrest , emperor gokogon , the successor to both the jimyoin lineage and to the poetic traditions of the kyogoku school , switched his allegiance to the nijo school , leaving the kyogoku school facing extinction , without a suitable successor .


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