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  • majority rule
  • rule by the majority:    多数派{たすうは}による統治{とうち}、多数決{たすうけつ}Rule by the majority is the basis of democracy. 民主主義の基本は多数決である。
  • rule of majority:    多数決{たすうけつ}Rule of the majority is the basis for democracy. 多数決{たすうけつ}は民主主義{みんしゅ しゅぎ}の基本原理{きほん げんり}である。
  • black majority rule:    黒人多数支配{こくじん たすう しはい}


  1. as always , let's go by the majority rule .
    いつものように 多数決を取ってください。
  2. we'll decide here by majority rule .
    ここは 多数決で決めよう。 はあ?
  3. however , even though the structure differed , ' nindorishutabun ' (anonymous majority rule ) called ' tabun no ri ' (majority rule ) and ' tabun no hyotei ' (majority rule ) was necessary and the spirit of ' ichimi wago ' (mingle together in one ) from sangha was emphasized .
  4. in addition , an idea called ' ichimi wago ' (unity of people ' s minds ) led to decision making through discussions at gatherings called " shue " (gathering of priests ) on the inside regulations and important rules regarding shoen management , and a kind of majority rule called ' tabun no ri ' was developed (in which not gaining a majority but gaining two thirds or more of agreement will decide the case ).


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