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  • 誤りをする◆【類】commit an error ; make an error◆do a mistake は誤用
    If you make a mistake, please tell your boss as soon as possible. 何か間違えたら、できるだけ早く上司に報告してください。
    Never mind if you make a mistake. 間違えても気にするなよ。
  • make a mistake in:    ~をするのに失敗{しっぱい}する[間違える]
  • make no mistake:    間違いなく、確かに◆【語法】通例、文頭または文末で用いる。mistake の直後に about it [that]が来る場合もある。Mamie, make no mistake, you are a major part of this family.I am going to marry her, make no mistake about that.Republicans won a ma
  • make the mistake of:    ~という間違い{まちがい}をするDon't make the mistake of thinking that this book will teach you how to speak English.


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  1. he'll get nervous , make a mistake , then we'll bring him in .
  2. he'll get nervous , make a mistake , then we'll bring him in .
  3. whether or not someone actually make a mistake
    その人が実際に 過ちを犯したかどうかなど関係なく
  4. when you make a mistake again , we'll stop you .
    また お前が間違ったら 止めてやるよ。
  5. listen , don't make a mistake with the dissolution .
    いいか 解散のタイミング 誤るなよ。


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