many 意味

発音記号: [ 'meni ]発音を聞く   manyの例文
  • as many:    同じ数だけのThe two minutes were to me as many hours. その2分間は、私には2時間にも思えた。
  • as many as:    ~するだけの数のもの、~だけ(全部)、~と同数のもの、~ほど(も)、~もの数の
  • for many:    大多数にとって


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  1. how many people have died for your mistakes ?
    あなたが主張した あなたのミスで 何人が死んだ?
  2. in america , in many developed countries
    その他の多くの先進国では 当たり前のことかもしれませんが
  3. how did they get so many in such a short time ?
    この短期間に どうやってこれだけの数を...
  4. it'll be many decades , probably , before that happens
  5. shredded as many of the documents as they could


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