marinated food 意味

  • あえ物
  • marinated herring:    ニシンのマリネ
  • raw fish marinated in lime juice:    ライム果汁{かじゅう}でマリネした生魚{なまざかな}
  • food:    food n. 食物, 食料, 食糧; 食品; 栄養物; 食事, 料理; 資料, 糧(かて).【動詞+】afford food for reflection反省の糧となるFood is assimilated and converted into organic tissue.食物は同化されて有機組織に変えられるavoid certain foodsある食物を避けるbake food食品を(オ


  1. this means that once failed and disgusted , they become uselessly careful ( ' atsumono ni koritarumono , ae wo fuku ' (those who were disgusted with a hot soup blow a marinated food or sashimi ) means the same ).


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