material effect 意味

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  • 重大{じゅうだい}な影響{えいきょう}
  • have a material effect on:    ~に重要{じゅうよう}な影響{えいきょう}を及ぼす
  • material:    1material n. 物質; 原料, 材料; 資料, 教材; 用具, 道具; (服などの)生地.【動詞+】These incidents afford ample material for satire.《文語》 こういう(よからぬ)出来事は風刺の材料をたっぷり提供するamass materials for……の材料を集めるassemble materials into a structu
  • a-effect:    A-effect {略} :alienation effect異化効果{いか こうか}


  1. in addition , the fact that he performed azuma kabuki as japanese dance at performance in europe and america with his mother after the war , gave both moral and material effect on his art as tomijuro himself described .


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