material error 意味

発音を聞く:   material errorの例文
  • 重大{じゅうだい}なエラー[誤謬{ごびゅう}]
  • limits of error on material unaccounted for:    不明物質量の誤差限界◆【略】LEMUF
  • by error:    間違って◆【同】by mistake
  • error:    error n. 《文語》 誤り, 錯誤, 誤びゅう; 《文語》 思い違い, 過失.【動詞+】acknowledge an error過失を認めるadmit one's error過失を自認するHe admitted his error.彼は間違いを認めたThe manner of his excuse merely aggravated the error he had committed.


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