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  • 数学{すうがく}の教師{きょうし}
  • math:    MATH {略} :Manipulator Trigger Handマニピュレータ?トリガ?ハンド
  • teacher:    teacher n. 教員, 教師.【動詞+】His parents could not afford a private teacher.彼の両親の収入では家庭教師などは頼めなかったask a teacher a question教師に質問するThe salaries are inadequate to attract good teachers.その給料ではよい教師は得られないconsul
  • (math) conjugation:    (math) conjugation共軛きょうやく共役きょうえき


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  1. because a math teacher would write them like this .
    数学教諭なら こう書くだろうからだ
  1. a math teacher would have written them like this .
    数学教諭なら こう書くだろうからだ
  1. he's a math teacher from madison community college .
    カレッジの数学教授 フランク・テイラー
  1. a very strict math teacher that i once had at school .
  1. and why this is an amazing time to be a math teacher right now


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