mathematical ability 意味

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  • 数学的な才能
  • mathematical:    mathematical数学的すうがくてき
  • ability:    ability n. 能力, 技量, 手腕, 才能.【動詞+】admire sb's ability人の能力を称賛するThe drug affects the ability of the liver to function efficiently.この薬を服用すると肝臓が効率よく働かなくなるanalyze sb's ability人の能力を分析するappreciate sb's abilit
  • ability for:    《someone's ~》~に関する[対する](人)の能力{のうりょく}


  1. his advanced mathematical ability was highly regarded , and he single handedly handled finances , managed toyotomi ' s kurairichi (where the payment of samurai was handled ), and implemented toyotomi ' s nationwide land survey (taikokenchi ).


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