measurement accuracy 意味

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  • 測定精度{そくてい せいど}、計測精度{けいそく せいど}
  • accuracy (of measurement):    accuracy (of measurement)正確さ(測定の)[その他]〈99Z4001:原子力用語〉
  • accuracy of measurement:    測定精度{そくてい せいど}
  • accuracy:    accuracy n. 正確, 精密; 的確さ.【動詞+】attain absolute accuracy絶対的な正確さに達するcheck the accuracy of……が正確か否かを調べるI doubt the accuracy of the report.その報道の正確さを疑うWe have increased the accuracy of our measurements.測定の正


  1. there's a big problem with the measurement accuracy .
    部品の寸法精度に かなり問題があり➡


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