medicine chest (container) 意味

  • medicine chest (container)
  • medicine chest:    救急箱{きゅうきゅうばこ}、薬箱{くすりばこ}
  • container:    container n. 容器; コンテナ.【動詞+】fill a container容器を満たすload a container with export goodsコンテナに輸出商品を積みこむtransport a container to San Franciscoコンテナをサンフランシスコへ輸送する.【+動詞】What does this container hold?この容器の中味は何
  • chest:    chest n.(1) 胸.【動詞+】She bared her chest for the camera.ヌード写真を撮るために胸をはだけたbeat one's chest胸をたたく 《元気いっぱいまたは虚勢のしぐさ》He gasped and clutched his chest.あえいで胸をかきむしったexpand one's chest胸を張るThe knife pierced his


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