merely nominal 意味

  • 《be ~》名ばかりである
  • merely:    merely僅々僅僅きんきん僅かわずか許りばかり単にたんにメアリぽっきりたった啻にただに
  • not merely:    {1} : 単に~のみならず[でなく]、~ばかりでなく、~だけでなく、~はもちろんI'm not only [merely, just] saying it. 私は単に言ってるだけじゃないぞ。He's not just anybody. 彼はただ者じゃない。/そこらの人間とは違う。---------------------------------------------------------
  • nominal:    nominal名目めいもくノミナル


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  1. however , the council system became merely nominal through ieyasu ' s frequent covenant violations .
  2. as two hosho were members of jokyoku of giseikan , the status of gijo , the separation of power , was merely nominal .
  3. the appointment of dazai no sochi continued even after the position became merely nominal until the reform of official system in 1869 .
  4. it is against the agricultural land act that persons other than farmers should acquire any agricultural lands , so being an ' owner ' is merely nominal and does not involve real-estate transactions .
  5. after the kamakura period , the post became merely nominal , but as the increasing number of samurai warriors became appointed the government posts , a lot of samurai warriors were appointed saemon no jo or granted to use it as unofficial title from the kamakura period through the edo period , because the posts of military officer including saemon no jo were widely popular among the samurai warriors .


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