metabolism of pigment 意味

  • 色素代謝{しきそ たいしゃ}
  • pigment:    pigment n. 顔料; 〔生物〕 色素.【動詞+】dab pigments on a canvas顔料をカンバスに軽く塗るlay on pigment with a palette knifeパレットナイフで顔料を塗りつけるlose pigment色素を失うvarious pigments mixed with animal fat to form primitive crayons原始
  • metabolism:    metabolism n. 新陳代謝.【動詞+】It is hard to change one's metabolism.新陳代謝を変えるのは難しいAnxiety can disturb one's metabolism.心配は新陳代謝を乱すことがあるShe has a metabolism that burns calories efficiently.彼女の新陳代謝はカロリーを効率的に消
  • abnormal pigment:    《医》異常色素{いじょう しきそ}


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