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  • militaristic


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  1. yo , eyes open . an unidentified enemy has breached our coastlines in a swift and militaristic attack .
    "正体不明の敵が 海岸にやって来て"
  2. after the tokugawa period started , the militaristic spirit came to be suspected as intention of rebellion .
  3. two hours after the first contact an unidentified enemy has reached our coastlines in a swift and militaristic attack .
    ロシアでは・・・ ... 未確認の敵は 海岸から上陸しています... 中国で・・・
  4. as japan became increasingly militaristic , he opposed such a tendency and opened the cafe as a place for enlightening people on socialism .
  5. wartime propaganda: since kodan originally celebrated feudalistic ideas , it was incorporated into militaristic propaganda during the war .
    戦時プロパガンダ - 講談の内容はもともとは封建思想を賛美するものであり、戦時中には軍国主義プロパガンダの一環となった。


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