mismanagement 意味

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  1. stop messing around ! how about a mere mismanagement
    ふざけるな! そっちの不始末のくせに
  1. financial problems and mismanagement and equipment failures
  1. it's a mismanagement of you all .
    これは 全て 君の管理不行き届きだよ。
  1. furthermore , the bakufu did not show an assertive attitude toward searching for alternative territories (to be found by the bakufu to compensate for its mismanagement of the hanzei as mentioned above ), despite the regulation it created to do so .
  1. kenshin was often reputed for his management in military affairs , as regards to domestic administration there was no big mismanagement , he succeeded in making big profits from the gold mine based on detailed strategy , and also made huge profits from maritime trade through the japan sea route .


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