mistake in writing 意味



  1. If you make a mistake in writing it she will probably kill you .
    《うっかり間違えると 多分 ぶっ殺されます》
  2. This diary , beginning in 1910 and ending in january 1953 , records his life in detail , and few mistakes in writings or ellipses and incorrect characters are found .
  3. In 866 , enchin was asked by daijokan (grand council of state ) to write kugen (official documents authorized by kokushi (provincial governors ) or gunji (local magistrates ) for transfer of the ownership of private property ) but made a few mistakes in writing .
  4. Also , when it was copied certain additions and revisions were made; consequently , there were many mistakes in writing and pages out of order due to an error in binding , and there were 21 different versions of the manuscript during the kamakura period .
  5. It is described in ' taiheiki ' (the record of the great peace ) that he was dispatched to iwami province when takauji fled to kyushu , but it seems that he was mistaken in writing for norikane ueno , who later became iwami no shugo (the provincial constable of iwami province ).
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