mysterious fire 意味

  • 原因不明{げんいん ふめい}の火事{かじ}
  • fire of mysterious or suspicious origin:    fire of mysterious or suspicious origin怪火かいか
  • mysterious:    mysterious adj. 神秘の.【副詞】The papers disappeared under highly mysterious circumstances.書類は大変不可解な状況下で姿を消したHe sometimes does things for totally mysterious reasons.彼が物事をやるとき(に)まったくその理由が解せない場合がままある.【+前置詞】
  • by a mysterious fatality:    不思議{ふしぎ}な因縁{いんねん}で


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  1. a mysterious fire in seung jin group's mansion
    スンジン グループ豪邸の疑惑の火災
  2. a mysterious fire at seung jin group's mansion
    スンジン グループ豪邸の疑惑の火災
  3. there is a legend of the mysterious fire called ' ushioni-bi .'
  4. it is a mysterious fire which appears from sea or brink of river , which is said to be a habitat of dragon .
  5. probably ' kusubi ' (or kusuhi ) in his name means ' the mysterious divine spirit ' or ' mysterious fire .'


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