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  1. Create their identity in some kind of narrative form .
    何らかの「物語」の形で 作り出すようです
  2. And satisfied , in a narrative form
    物語という形で 飽くことのない
  3. The gunki-mono refers to the writings that describe in narrative form heroic exploits and achievements of military commanders or feudal lords from late mediaeval times (from the sengoku period (japan ) to the azuchi-momoyama period ) to early pre-modern times .
    軍記物(ぐんきもの)とは、中世末期(戦国時代 (日本)~安土桃山時代)から近世初期にかけて、戦国武将や近世大名の武勲や武功について物語形式で記述した書物である。
  4. However , that is not to say that all otogi zoshi were reading material only for women and children , and the narrative forms of otogi zoshi are thought to have been created as a result of complicated , overlapping conditions of various recreations during that period when narratives began to be enjoyed by general public .
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