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  • narrow margin
  • by a narrow margin:    辛うじて、わずかの差で、僅差で、小差で、少しの差で、すれすれで、ほんのわずかで、間一髪の差で◆【対】by a wide marginAdvancers edging out decliners by a fairly narrow margin.Advancing issues beating declining issues by a narrow margin.I think it'll
  • by a very narrow margin:    非常{ひじょう}に限られた余地{よち}で
  • defeat by a narrow margin:    defeat by a narrow margin惜敗せきはい


  1. is this difference really considered a narrow margin ?
  2. not only can a narrow margin like this be made up in no time , but
    この程度の結果は 今後の共同開発によって
  3. what , it was a narrow margin , right .
    何や 僅差やったんやな。
  4. coming ashore in liaodong peninsula , the japanese army succeeded by a narrow margin to force the russian army using overwhelming superiority to back off during the siege of lushun and the battle of mukden .
  5. in the world of sumo (japanese-style wrestling ), there remain by a narrow margin such customs as ranking wrestlers present specially ordered cloth for yukata , imprinted with their names , to their patrons and other sumo stables .


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