natural river 意味

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  • 自然河川{しぜん かせん}
  • by a river:    川端に
  • on the river:    川沿い{かわぞい}の
  • river:    river n. 川; 流れ.【動詞+】ascend a river川をさかのぼるbank a river川に堤防を築くThe river is choked with silt.その川は沈泥で詰まっているclean up a river川を浄化するcontaminate a river with effluents廃水で川を汚染するThe river is crossed by an old


  1. he surrounded the castle with a moats , with a natural river flow used in some parts of them .
  2. the moat settlement spanned approximately 200 m across , and while the village was directly facing the natural river on the west side , it was apparently surrounded by a moat of about 20 m wide on the north , east and south sides .
  3. it was completed in 1997 , twenty-five years after the announcement of the plan to construct it , with the following purposes; flood control , the description of specifications and purposes of dams in japan (maintaining the current flow of the katsura-gawa river , and protecting the natural river environment ), and the supply of drinking water to osaka city , kyoto city , kobe city , nishinomiya city , and ashiya city .


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