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  • 天然{てんねん}のままの岩
  • rock in its natural form:    天然{てんねん}のままの岩
  • rock:    1rock n. 岩, 岩石, 岩床; 《米》 (小)石; 岩礁; 危険物; よりどころ.【動詞+】climb the rocks to a grassy plateau草におおわれた台地まで岩場を登るThe rock was gradually crumbled by freeze-thaw action.その岩は凍結と融氷の作用で徐々に砕けていたcrush rock岩石を粉砕するa mac
  • rock on:    思う存分楽しむ


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  1. concrete walls , stone , the natural rock when possible with the light shafts .
    石 又は 自然の岩で作られ 可能な所には調光シャフトがついています
  1. the statues carved on a natural rock wall are tangible cultural properties designated by the town .
  1. carving a buddha statue on natural rock had been widely seen in buddhist countries of asia .
  1. kokuzo-seki stone , magaibutsu (a buddhist image carved into the surface of natural rock such as a cliff face , a large rock , or a stone cave ), a line engraved seated maitreya
    虚空蔵石 線刻弥勒菩薩坐像の磨崖仏
  1. the term " magaibutsu " refers to buddha statues which were carved into the natural rock face or bare rock or the rock scattered on mountains including an alcove of rock face .


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