necessary procedures 意味

  • 必要な手続き
    We will do all the necessary procedures. 必要な手続きはすべて当社がさせていただきます。


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  1. however , there were some problems about the necessary procedures , so , he gave up settling and went back to the southern part of the shinshu region .
  2. urajimai included not only religious ceremonies , but also a series of necessary procedures such as on-site investigations , compensations , bond issuance by officials and so on .
  3. but actually , in the case being settled out of court or without arbitrator , the necessary procedures were also called ' kujideiri ' , so attention should be required (in this case , kuji means general trials or suits ).
  4. the main jobs of kujishi were teaching the related parties of the lawsuit about the necessary procedures and the techniques in the court upon request from such parties , creating necessary documents on their behalf , and making settlement arrangement .
  5. after having completed necessary procedures accompanying the end of the battle of sekigahara , ieyasu handed over the nishino-maru of osaka-jo castle to the toyotomi family on march 23 (in the old calendar ), 1601 , and entered fushimi-jo castle , continuing his governmental jobs there .


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