negotiation committee 意味

  • 渉外委員会{しょうがい いいんかい}
  • trade negotiation committee:    {組織} : 貿易交渉委員会◆【略】TNC
  • negotiation:    negotiation n. 交渉, 折衝; (困難などの)切り抜け.【動詞+】begin negotiations交渉を開始するbreak off negotiations (with…)(…との)交渉を打ち切るbring negotiations to a successful conclusion交渉を首尾よくまとめるcease negotiations.交渉を中止するafter the
  • negotiation with:    ~との交渉{こうしょう}


  1. he was also involved with establishing of the central negotiation committee and the national society (japan ).
    明治25年(1892年)の中央交渉会、国民協会 (日本)の成立にも関与。
  2. the central negotiation committee is parliamentary group (april 23 , 1892 - march 1 , 1893 ) during meiji period .
  3. however , a conflict was created between a group formed by furusho , sassa , sone , etc . who tried to get the central negotiation committee into a political party and a group formed by inoue , suematsu , etc . who were against the idea .
  4. on the other hand , there were some councilors who belonged to kokumin kyokai while remaining to be members of the central negotiation committee as a parliamentary group since kokumin kyokai didn ' t organize their own parliamentary group , and situation became very confusing .
  5. it is known as the central negotiation department in general , however , this is a common name from a name of building in which the head office was located , and it is described as ' the central negotiation committee ' in the parliamentary documents of that time .


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