nest egg 意味

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  • (不時{ふじ}に備えた)予備金{よびきん}、蓄え、へそくり
    I save a little bit of money every year for my retirement nest egg. 退職後の備えのために、毎年お金を少しずつ預金している。
    As a token of my affection, here's a little nest egg so you can get your own place.
    It's my nest egg in +もっと...


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  1. two million dollars , quite the little nest egg .
    200万ドル、かなりすごい なけなしの貯蓄ね
  2. but every time he tried to get his nest egg to his granddaughter
  3. he would have hid a nest egg somewhere . don't you think it's possible ?
    彼は 大事な物は どこかに隠しているはず
  4. jim has a lot of our nest egg invested in this real estate venture .
    ジムは貯蓄の多くを 不動産ベンチャーに投資してるの
  5. just as you suspected , a very healthy nest egg . oh , that's wonderful .
    そう あなたが想像した通り 彼は大事な物を隠してた


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