nest in 意味

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  • ~に巣を作る
  • nest:    1nest n. (鳥 動物 昆虫などの)巣; ねぐら; 巣窟(そうくつ).【動詞+】The mother bird abandoned the nest.母鳥は巣を捨てたbring a hornet's nest about one's ears(比喩的に)大騒ぎを引き起こす; 自ら求めて多くの敵を作るbuild a nest巣を作るDon't disturb a wasp's nest.ス
  • on the nest:    (男が)性交して
  • to nest:    to nest巣籠るすごもる


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  1. and they used to nest in the thousands
  2. you shouldn't nest in the chimney .
  3. it's a rat's nest in there .
  4. you don't see the umber hulk as it crawls from its nest in the stone and attacks you .
    そいつは巣から出て 君を攻撃する
  5. flocks of several pelagic cormorants act together and sometimes nest in a colony of japanese cormorants .


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