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  • {名-1} : 《化》中和(反応){ちゅうわ(はんのう)}、中和法◆酸と塩基が反応し水と塩を生じること。または、プレンスデッドの酸と塩基が反応して、より弱い酸と塩基を生じる反応。
    {名-2} : 中性化{ちゅうせい か}、中立化


  1. calcium carbonate included in kosa is provided with a neutralization ability .
  2. in addition , it has also been made clear that this type of kosa is concerned with the neutralization acid fogs in high mountains .
  3. both the mixed fermented method and mixed method use hydrolyzed vegetable protein resulted from neutralization by sodium hydroxide after raw materials are processed by hydrochloric acid .
  4. on the other hand , when the donghak peasant revolution began in korea , he dispatched troops in opposition of the invasion of qing; on july 23 , he established a pro-japanese regime after the occupation of the royal palace of korea , and on july 25 began the sino-japanese war by the battle of toyo-shima island , and succeeded in neutralization of england and russia .
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