new drug 意味

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  • 新薬{しんやく}
  • abbreviated new drug application:    《米》FDA 医薬品簡略承認申請{いやくひん かんりゃく しょうにん しんせい}◆FDA=Food and Drug Administration◆【略】ANDA
  • design a new drug:    新薬{しんやく}を開発{かいはつ}するIt costs so much to design a new drug that eliminates the negative side effects. 副作用のない新薬を開発するにはひどく費用がかかる。
  • discovery of the new drug:    新薬{しんやく}の発見{はっけん}


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  1. it costs about the same to produce a new drug
  2. looks like a clinical trial for the new drug sylocet .
  3. and embrace new drug policies grounded in science
    薬物の新しい政策が必要だと 唱道できるような
  4. some kind of new drug that's made from kamaboko ?
    私の知らない私? 新たな可能性?
  5. by making the thing you compare your new drug against


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