new interpretation 意味

  • new interpretation
  • use a new interpretation of:    ~の新たな解釈{かいしゃく}を用いる
  • some sort of new policy interpretation:    方針{ほうしん}の新しい解釈{かいしゃく}か何か
  • interpretation:    interpretation n. 解釈, 理解, 判読; 演出, 演奏; 通訳.【動詞+】accept sb's interpretation of events(一連の)出来事についての人の解釈を受け入れるattempt a new interpretation of the 1960s 1960年代に対する新しい解釈を試みるLater scholars have confirmed hi


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  1. (a new interpretation resulting from the modern study of japanese classical literature )
  2. in addition , there was a significant trend to seek a new interpretation of the source of authority or power , such as the emperor and shogun .
  3. however , the original meaning of ' ashihiki no ' is not ' ashi wo hiku ' (to drag legs ), because there is some doubt in the ancient special kana usage , and this is regarded as the hitomaro ' s new interpretation .
  4. for this reason , scholars in prewar japan took the jade magatama as proof of the sphere of influence of wa (japan ), but post-war archaeologists , at one time , advocated a new interpretation that they had been introduced to japan from korea .
  5. shushigaku put the most emphasis on studying four particular books of the classics , known as the four books , also known in japanese as ' shisho ' , instead of the classics as a whole , which had a long history and did not allow for much new interpretation .


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