next number 意味

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  • (本などの)次号{じごう}
  • next number (issue):    next number (issue)次の号つぎのごう
  • step number one to the next level:    次の段階{だんかい}[レベル]に進むための第一歩{だいいっぽ}[初めの一歩{いっぽ}]
  • next:    next adj. 次の, 隣の.【+前置詞】I was next in line after him.列で彼のあとについていたMy house is next to the church.私の家は教会の隣ですIt is next to impossible.それはほとんど不可能だI learned next to no astronomy.天文学はほとんどやらなかったI got next t


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  1. i'll be home in 12 hours to help with the next number .
    12時間以内に家に帰る 次の番号に役立つだろう
  2. i'll be ready when the next number comes .
  3. and if i'm stuck on a jury when the next number comes up ?
    私が陪審で動けないなら 次の番号が上がった時は?
  4. so who's the next number on your list ?
  5. the next number we're gonna swing for you is one of the good ol' favorites .


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