next of kin 意味

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  • {名} : <→NEXT-OF-KIN>
  • next-of-kin:    {名} : 近親者{きんしん しゃ}、親族{しんぞく}◆【略】NOK
  • find someone's next of kin:    (人)の近親者{きんしん しゃ}を見つけ出す
  • notify someone's next of kin:    (人)の近親者{きんしん しゃ}に知らせる[連絡{れんらく}する]


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  1. they bury their dead . they educate the next of kin .
    死者を葬り 子供を教育します
  2. you and your husband derek are listed as next of kin ?
  3. i was looking for your next of kin in the ambulance .
    救急車の中で あなたの近親者を探してたの
  4. no . no , what about jake's next of kin ?
    だめだめ ジェイクの近親者には どう言うの?
  5. yeah , next of kin didn't seem to believe it , though .
    ああ 近親者は そうは思わなかったろうが


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