no conviction 意味

  • 前科なし
  • conviction:    conviction n. 確信, 信念; 説得力; 自覚; 有罪の判決.【動詞+】affirm a conviction(下級裁判所の)判決を確認するappeal one's conviction before a higher court判決を不服として上級裁判所に上告するbase one's conviction on……に基づいて確信するThis information bolster
  • in the conviction that:    (that 以下)という信念{しんねん}に基づいて、(that 以下)と確信{かくしん}して
  • with conviction:    信念{しんねん}[自信{じしん}?説得力{せっとくりょく}]を持って


  1. while they made a ' proclamation of war ' from the order of empress dowager cixi , from the start the qing dynasty had no conviction that they would win against the allied western powers .


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