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  1. There are no precedents for outdoor game tournaments .
    外遊び大会は 前例がありませんし。
  2. There's no precedent for it .
  3. There were no precedent for such lost of shogun ' s life for nothing since ancient times .
  4. As there had existed no precedent for someone who had been given a family name (a practice which had the effect of stripping a son of an emperor of his title as prince , and removing him from the line of candidates eligible to inherit the throne ) to become emperor , emperor koko reinstated sadami as prince from his deathbed , and passed away on that same day .
  5. Mototsune rejected this claim , maintaining that there was no precedent for a descendant of an emperor who had been given a family name (e .g ., taira , minamoto ) to become emperor , and then fujiwara no morofuji , a sangi councilor , threatened to have anyone who did not follow mototsune ' s plan killed , and the deliberations were thereby brought to an end .
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