no reserve 意味

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  • 予約{よやく}[取り置き]はなし
  • in reserve:    (将来{しょうらい}のために)蓄えてある
  • reserve:    1reserve n. たくわえ, 備え; 準備金; 指定保護地区; 留保, 条件; (競売などの)最低価格; よそよそしさ, 遠慮, 自制; 補欠(選手), 予備役.【動詞+】Good wine soon banished all reserve.おいしいワイン(の酔い)のおかげでまもなくよそよそしさはすっかり消えてしまったShe gradually broke down his reser
  • reserve for:    ~引当金、~準備金、~積立金


  1. incidentally , having no reserve rolling stock , the kers 9000 is replaced by the kers 6000 or kers 7200 when it can ' t be used for whatever reason , such as when it ' s being inspected at the stock yard .
  2. however , in reality , even if the owner of satoyama tried to sell the land with this value , developers tend to take advantage of the owner ' s weak position to bring down the price , and there are occasions where there is no purchaser and the owner has no remedy other than selling his farm lands and others by the piece , while maintaining the mountain forest that has practically no asset value (if the owner has no reserve , as he can not pay the inheritance tax , he is forced to become bankrupt ).


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