not adequate to 意味

  • ~には不向きである
  • adequate:    adequate adj. 適当な, 十分な.【副詞】a barely adequate piece of work十分とは言いがたい作品The supplies are barely adequate for the winter.食料は冬場にかろうじて間に合うWe found the machine completely adequate for the purpose.その目的にはその機
  • adequate to:    ~に適任{てきにん}、~の適役{てきやく}
  • adequate ability to:    ~するのに十分{じゅうぶん}な能力{のうりょく}


  1. and he went on to say that the judgment by the government was not adequate to make asano takumi-no-kami to kill himself , leaving the other party kira kozuke-no-suke non-guilty; the ideal closing should have been to bring the case to the government to resolve by court .
  2. koichi masukawa , who is a pioneering researcher of japanese playgames in history says that although both are equally called sugoroku , they are completely different playgames so it ' s not adequate to use a notation of ' 双六 ' for ' 雙六 (board sugoroku )'


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