not altogether displeasing 意味

  • まんざらでもない
  • displeasing:    displeasing adj. 不快な.【副詞】a deeply displeasing remark非常に不愉快な発言.【+前置詞】What is displeasing about him is (that)….彼のいやなところは…であるUnder the circumstances his smile was very displeasing to me.その状況での彼のほほえみは私に
  • (not) altogether:    (not) altogether満更まんざら
  • altogether:    altogether n. 《口語》 まっ裸.【前置詞+】I like swimming in the altogether.まっ裸で泳ぐのが好きだstrip down to the altogether《米》 まっ裸になる.


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