not pleased with 意味

  • 《be ~》~を快く思っていない
  • pleased:    pleased adj. 喜んで, 満足して.【副詞】We are always pleased to be of assistance.いつでも喜んでお役に立ちますHe looked awfully pleased with himself.ひどく悦に入っているように見えたI was deliriously pleased by his answer.彼の答えがうれしくて我を忘れるほどだった
  • pleased to:    《be ~》喜んで~する、~してうれしい、謹んで~する
  • pleased with:    《be ~》~に喜んでいる、~が気に入っている、~に満足{まんぞく}しているWe are pleased with our son's scores. 私たちは息子の成績に喜んでいる。I was very pleased with the result. その結果にとても満足した。Don't think I'm pleased with the results of the business.


  1. you're not pleased with being monkey's subordinate ?
  2. i know that you are not pleased with our marriage ....
  3. you're not pleased with my suit ?
  4. he was a candidate for okimi after the death of osada no okimi , but he was not pleased with the rise of the soga clan and took the mononobe ' s side and was killed by prince umayado .


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