not polite 意味

  • 《be ~》礼儀{れいぎ}を知らない
  • polite:    polite adj. 優雅な, いんぎんな.【副詞】He was coldly polite with outsiders.部外者には冷ややかにいんぎんだったenormously politeひどくていねいなexcruciatingly polite極度に丁重な, こちこちになったicily polite冷ややかにいんぎんなmaddeningly politeいらいらするほどいんぎんなobn
  • polite to:    《be ~》(人)に丁重{ていちょう}に振る舞う、(人)に礼儀正{れいぎ ただ}しく接する
  • to be (polite):    to be (polite)ご座います御座いますございます


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  1. it's not polite to wear a hat at the table .
  2. you know , you really shouldn't sneak up on people ; that's not polite .
  3. it's not polite to stare .
    鳥、出番だ お前誰だい?
  4. son , don't talk when other people are talking . it's not polite . eat your dinner .
    話してる時に失礼だぞ 食べなさい
  5. it's not polite to blow your own horn ... so i'll let the soundman do it for me .
    ホーンは失礼です 今 効果係が鳴らします


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